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Anodyne Therapy Products

All Anodyne Therapy products are based on our unique and proven design that has been providing pain relief for more than 20 years. Key design features include:

Near infrared light to maximize depth of penetration and biological response

Energy pulse width of 292 times per second

Overlapping cones of light to maximize energy density and minimize light scatter

Important Safety Information and Instructions are provided with each product.


The Anodyne Therapy Model 480 PRO is the premium infrared light therapy product designed for use by healthcare professionals.  The Model 480 PRO allows healthcare professionals to adjust the intensity of infrared energy output to most effectively increase local circulation and relieve pain.  The Model 480 PRO also allows healthcare professionals to treat multiple locations where the patient experiences pain (such as the elbow and hand) or to treat two patients at one time.  This lightweight and portable product also offers the following:
  • Hands-free treatment using Anodyne application systems
  • 8 separate therapy pads each containing 60 infrared diodes
  • Calibration and certifications for regulatory compliance
  • Online staff training, clinical protocols and support
  • Durable carrying case
  • 2 year warranty
Click here to download important Safety information and Instructions
anodyne therapy model 120


The Anodyne Therapy Model 120 is the premium infrared light therapy product designed to be used at home after treatment by a healthcare professional to provide ongoing symptomatic relief.

The Anodyne Therapy Model 120 is a medical-grade infrared light therapy product designed for at-home use. The Model 120 is Anodyne’s classic design that offers maximum versatility to quickly and conveniently treat anywhere a patient experiences pain (for example: back, knee, elbow, hand, foot or neck). This lightweight and portable product offers:

• Hands-free treatment using Anodynes application systems
• 4 separate therapy pads each containing 60 infrared diodes
• Durable carrying case
• Personalized telephone training
• 2 year warranty

Freedom 300 with strap


The Anodyne Therapy Freedom 300 is designed exclusively for hands-free and simple treatment of foot and leg pain that is responsive to heat or increased circulation.

The Anodyne Therapy Freedom 300™ is a medical-grade infrared light therapy product designed for easy home use to increase circulation to relieve foot and leg pain. Its intuitive design allows users to quickly position the calf and foot sections in the ideal location. Key product features include:

  • Recessed diode clusters for maximum comfort
  • Separate foam calf and foot therapy pads
  • Patented anti-microbial “X-Static” lining for moisture wicking and odor resistance
  • Automatic shut off
  • Cycling technology
  • Personalized telephone training and support
  • 1 year warranty

Using Our Home Use Anodyne Therapy Products

Treatment in 4 Simple Steps

Using our Anodyne Therapy systems could not be any easier. First, simply place the Anodyne Therapy pads directly over your problem area. Then hold the therapy pads in place with an Anodyne attachment system. Next turn on the system and finally treat hands-free for 30 minutes per day. That’s it!

Patient Safety & Risks of Use

Anodyne Therapy Products may be used on any part of the body and may be used over or near metal implants, plates, pins, screws, pacemakers and defibrillators. Important Safety Information and Instructions are provided with each product and are accessible on this site by clicking “read more” under each specific Product (i.e., Model 480, Model 120 and Freedom 300).

What to Expect

Our products are intended to provide soothing warmth during treatment, so if you feel uncomfortable remove your Anodyne device and call us at 800-521-6664. You might experience some pain relief after the first or second treatment, but increased pain relief will normally require several treatments. Depending on the condition being treated, ongoing treatments may be required to maintain symptomatic relief.

Instructions for Use

For additional information on using Anodyne Therapy Home Systems, access the product manuals below:


Discover Why Thousands of Patients Rely On Anodyne Therapy Products

Anodyne Therapy is the trusted name in light therapy. But don’t just take it from us… check out the testimonials and read what people said about their own experiences after using Anodyne products.

Also, be sure to take a few minutes to glance at our clinical evidence. Physicians and researchers have examined the results of thousands of people who received Anodyne treatments and have found that most people experience pain relief.