Anodyne is Infrared Light Therapy

What is Anodyne Therapy?

The Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are medical devices used to increase circulation and reduce painstiffness, and muscle spasm – and are manufactured in Tampa, Florida by Anodyne Therapy LLC.

The Anodyne Therapy System was the first infrared light therapy product cleared by the FDA (1994), and it remains the premier evidence-based light therapy product on the market today.

How Does Anodyne Therapy Work?

Anodyne Therapy uses only infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) because infrared light penetrates more deeply into the body and works better than red or blue light, for instance. While we cannot see infrared, our bodies respond to infrared with increased circulation and reduced pain.

This video shows the effect of the infrared from the Anodyne Therapy pad.  You can see the light passing through the cracks of the fingers, as well as through the skin. However, you can also see that the blood vessels are dark, which show that the infrared light is being absorbed into the blood vessels.

Who Uses Anodyne Therapy?

Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Physicians and Nurses treat patients in their offices with Anodyne Therapy. Patients just like you are using Anodyne Therapy for drug-free pain relief. They love the convenience of treating themselves when they want in the comfort of their own homes. Contact us today to learn more.

Try Anodyne Therapy today.

If you’re suffering from pain in your feet, back, knee or other bodily pain, or discomfort, get relief with Anodyne Therapy. Contact us to today to learn how.