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If you are physician who does not offer in-office patient treatment programs, call Anodyne to discuss how your patients can obtain the best possible treatment results.

About Anodyne Therapy

Since being the first light therapy device cleared by the FDA in 1994, Anodyne Therapy has been successfully used by a variety of healthcare professionals, including doctors, physical therapists, home care agencies, hospitals, chiropractors and even the United States military. Anodyne Therapy has helped healthcare professionals differentiate their practice by achieving impressive patient outcomes.

Our Clinical Data

The unique effectiveness of Anodyne Therapy is evidenced by 25 studies (nearly 5,000 patients studied) published in medical journals. And, most importantly, the studies reported outcomes using the Anodyne product, not any other light therapy product. Just like medications, the clinical effectiveness of light therapy is dependent on the dose. The dose of light therapy depends on several factors, including wavelength, power density, pulse frequency, duty cycle, treatment time and surface area of treatment. Thus, the results of Anodyne treatments are dependent upon the unique dose of light therapy documented in Anodyne specific studies, which cannot be used to support outcomes using dissimilar devices.

Treatment Protocol

Anodyne treatments are typically rendered in conjunction with manual therapy protocols and other interventional modalities designed to maximize physical function. Treatment protocols are designed using clinical judgment after appropriate evaluation. Because the effect of each Anodyne treatment is temporary, ongoing treatment may be required based on the patient’s specific need.

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