We are the industry leader

in infrared (LED) light therapy

About Us

Anodyne Therapy LLC is an industry leader in infrared light therapy products and drug-free pain relieving technology. Our Anodyne® Therapy System was the first light therapy product cleared by the FDA (1994).

Our products are proudly made in the USA, in our ISO-certified manufacturing facility located in Florida.

The effectiveness of the Anodyne Therapy is well documented and is based on 25 clinical studies that have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Our Customers

More than 10,000 healthcare professionals have relied on Anodyne Therapy products as part of their plan of care to provide relief from both acute and chronic pain – a tribute to how well our products work. These healthcare professionals include the US Military, Veterans Administration Hospitals, professional and collegiate sports teams, doctors and the largest providers of outpatient and home based physical therapy in the United States.

Patients have received more than a million pain relieving Anodyne Therapy treatments. Anodyne has received thousands of unsolicited patient testimonials thanking us for the “gift of pain relief” that our products have provided them.

Our Mission and Goals

Anodyne Therapy LLC is a privately owned company, and we are highly focused on the satisfaction of our customers. Our policy is to never knowingly disappoint a customer. While individual patient response to any medical product differs, surveys consistently show that Anodyne customers are highly satisfied with our products and customer care.

Our goal is to provide drug-free pain relief and improved quality of life to the millions of people in America and in the global community who suffer from chronic pain.