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More than 5,000 professionals and patients publicly commented to Medicare expressing overwhelmingly positive experiences with Anodyne Therapy.

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Anodyne Therapy Reviews from Healthcare Professionals

“During my 27 years in practice, I have cared for thousands of patients suffering from painful circulatory problems caused by chronic conditions such as diabetes. When Anodyne Therapy is utilized as part of a comprehensive plan of care, I have seen significant improvements in my patients’ pain and their quality of life. Anodyne Therapy is the first treatment I have found that treats not just the symptoms, but also one of the underlying causes of the pain by improving microvascular blood flow. Anodyne Therapy has become a welcome adjunct to my therapeutic arsenal.”
Neil J. Goldberg, MD, Diabetologist
Associate Professor of Medicine
“With over 35 years of experience in Private Practice, I began using Anodyne Therapy to help capture additional referrals from an entirely different physician group and patient population. I have seen dramatic results with not only diabetic patients, but those with balance disorders that go hand in hand with lower extremity pain. Anodyne has been an excellent physician and direct patient marketing tool for my practice.”
Physical Therapist
“In a profession where results matter, we couldn’t afford not to have the Anodyne Therapy System available for our patients.”
Shayne Ferguson, PT, MHS, PhD, GCS, CWS
Physical Therapist (Louisville, KY)
“We tried Anodyne Therapy because we wanted to differentiate ourselves while improving outcomes. The results – Anodyne benefited many of our patients, especially those with ambulation problems due to painful, circulatory problems in the extremities. After seeing the clinical results in our own patients, we decided to purchase 76 Anodyne Systems throughout our agencies.”
Judy Bishop
CEO (Silsbee, TX)

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