Which Anodyne® Therapy Infrared Light Product is Best for You?

Welcome to the world of Anodyne® Therapy!

We’re excited about our products because they help relieve people’s pain and discomfort. We’re proud of our products because they’re proven, effective, and FDA-cleared.

Our product line safely accomplishes everything we designed it to. Each product is straightforward, uncomplicated, and user-friendly.

Here’s what we offer.

The Model 480 for Professional Use

We recommend This product for healthcare providers to use in office settings. Our most robust product allows professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, and nurses to treat two or one patients simultaneously in multiple locations on the body.

The Anodyne® Therapy Model 480 Pro is our premium product with eight separate therapy pads. It is lightweight and portable—it can be easily kept on a rolling cart and moved from room to room.

Dials on the control unit allow for easy adjustment of the infrared energy output. Healthcare providers can effectively treat pain and discomfort caused by inflammation and poor circulation.

Additional features of the Model 480 Pro:

  • Offers hands-free treatment
  • Therapy pads each contain 60 infrared diodes
  • Training, clinical protocols and support are provided online
  • Complies with FDA regulations
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Covered by a two-year warranty

The Model 120 for Home Use

We designed this product so that patients could receive on-demand treatment in the comfort of their own homes. We wanted people to experience relief from pain and discomfort between visits to their healthcare providers, and Model 120 provides that.

This Anodyne® Therapy model is a medical-grade infrared light therapy product for consumer use. Smaller than the Model 480 Pro, it contains four separate therapy pads that can be applied to multiple body areas. Each pad contains 60 infrared diodes—the workhorses that produce infrared light.

The pads can be placed anywhere a person is experiencing pain or discomfort, such as the knee, elbow, back, foot, hand, or neck.

A control unit powers the pads. The control unit and pads store together neatly in a durable carrying case that can be easily moved from one room to another or taken on an overnight stay or weekend trip for use outside the home.

Personalized telephone training and a two-year warranty come with this product.

The Freedom 300 for Foot and Leg Pain

This product is Anodyne® Therapy’s specially-designed antidote to foot and leg pain. Like the Model 120, it is intended for consumer use at home between office treatments.

The Freedom 300 produces penetrating infrared light that boosts circulation in the legs and feet, thereby reducing the inflammation that causes pain. Heat and light therapy alleviate pain as inflammation lessens.

The Freedom 300 looks different from our other products. The Freedom 300 comprises separate calf and foot therapy pads embedded with diode clusters. The pads wrap around the calf and foot. An attached control unit manages the diode output.

This product comes with a one-year warranty and personalized phone training and support.

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