Why Healthcare Practitioners Offer Anodyne® Infrared Light Therapy (You Should, Too)

Two quick yes or no questions: 1) Are you a healthcare practitioner? 2) Do you treat patients with infrared light?

If you answered “yes” to the first question and “no” to the second, you’re missing two opportunities.

The first missed opportunity is that of implementing a technology to relieve your patients’ pain. The second missed opportunity is that of generating income by offering an additional service.

If you treat patients who suffer from pain–either short-term or chronic—consider adding the Anodyne® Therapy Model 480 Pro to your office so you can offer infrared light therapy treatments.

How Infrared Light Therapy Works

Infrared light therapy is a protocol with proven effectiveness for treating pain, improving healing, promoting circulation, and decreasing inflammation. It’s called “infrared” because the wavelength of the deployed light is between 600 and 1000 nm (nanometers). That range falls on the infrared (invisible) end of the light spectrum.

Infrared light contains tiny particles called photons. When a beam of infrared light is directed at a target on the body, those photons go through the skin and enter the cells of damaged tissue. Once inside the cells, the photons’ healing properties make a beneficial difference. The light treatment promotes circulation which helps decrease inflammation. As inflammation is one of the primary causes of pain, reduced inflammation equals reduced pain.

It has been demonstrated that a patient’s local circulation can increase by 3200% after only half an hour of infrared light therapy with an Anodyne® Therapy unit.

Just as medication dosages can vary (for example, a doctor may prescribe one 200 mg tablet of ibuprofen or three 250 mg tablets), so also can dosages of infrared light therapy vary.

Dosages are influenced by power density, duty cycle, wavelength, pulse frequency, the area of the body being treated, and how long the treatment lasts.

Why Use the Anodyne® Therapy Model 480 Pro?

The Model 480 Pro is our flagship product, developed for use by healthcare professionals in office settings by trained staff. It is our premium kit with eight therapy pads containing 60 infrared diodes each. With eight pads, the Model 480 Pro can deliver infrared light therapy treatments to two patients at a time or to one patient with multiple areas on the body that need targeted therapy.

The Model 480 Pro has a control unit that allows the operator to dial up or dial down the intensity of infrared output being delivered.

Even though this model is for use in office settings, it is still easy to move from one room to another. Simply put it on a cart or tray and take it where it needs to go.

This model comes with online training modules so that all technicians can be appropriately trained. Purchase of the unit also includes a durable case, a two-year warranty, and manufacturer support. The Model 480 Pro can be ordered by calling (800) 521-6664.

Wrapping It Up

Back to the opportunities mentioned above. We’ve covered how delivering infrared light therapy brings the opportunity of providing pain relief to patients. The other opportunity is one of income generation.

Consider adding Anodyn Therapy to your practice to 1) provide an additional pain-relief solution for your patients, and 2) to supplement revenues in offering a chargeable service.