Treat Your Pain at Home with FDA-Cleared Anodyne® Infrared Light Therapy Products

Anodyne® Infrared Therapy recognizes the significance of in-office infrared light therapy treatments for patients. However, we also understand the advantages of providing patients with the opportunity to receive treatments at home.

Home treatments allows patients to access Anodyne® Therapy on demand for relief from painful conditions in between office visits, or to continue the benefits provided by office treatments, thereby enhancing their comfort level. To cater to this need, we have developed two FDA-cleared Anodyne® Therapy devices that are specifically designed for patients to use at home.

Anodyne® Therapy’s Model 120

The Anodyne® Therapy Home Model 120, which is both lightweight and portable, has been designed for effortless use anywhere in a patient’s house. It is uncomplicated to set up and operate, making it accessible and user-friendly.

The Model 120 is a top-quality medical product that provides versatile and straightforward infrared light therapy. Patients can use the four separate therapy pads provided to alleviate pain in any area of the body, such as the back, hand, elbow, neck, knee, or foot. Each pad has 60 infrared diodes, which deliver near infrared light energy pulses at a therapeutic rate of 292 times per second.

Anodyne® Therapy’s Freedom 300

The Freedom 300™ from Anodyne® Therapy is a device that has been developed to treat foot and leg pain at home effectively. It is designed to alleviate pain that can be relieved by heat and improved blood circulation.

The device has pads with infrared diodes that are recessed into them, which can either wrap around the calf or envelope the foot, depending on where the pain is. The pads also have an anti-microbial layer that helps to combat odor and wick away moisture, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic experience.

Home Use with Anodyne® Products is Easy

Anodyne® Therapy home units consist of control devices and diode pads, both of which are simple to use. Patients place the diode pads on the affected area of the body where they feel pain and switch on the control unit to activate the diodes. Diode pads are usually activated for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Types of People Who Benefit from Home Therapy Sessions with Anodyne® Units

Many patients dealing with pain from various sources benefit from self-administering infrared light therapy with Anodyne® Therapy devices at home. These include:

  • Musicians such as keyboardists or guitar players who chronically overuse their hands
  • Sufferers of myofascial pain
  • People who have swollen joints
  • Athletes with strained or injured muscles
  • People with inflammation caused by certain conditions or diseases
  • People with poor circulation
  • Those who experience foot and leg pain frequently

How Does Light Therapy Alleviate Pain?

The use of light therapy can significantly improve circulation, which, in turn, aids in reducing inflammation. With just one 30-minute session using an Anodyne® device, local circulation can be increased by a remarkable 3200%. The effect of improved circulation lasts for several hours even after the session has ended. Even a 1000% increase in circulation can make a significant difference in providing relief from pain.

Anodyne® therapy pads contain light-emitting diodes that emit infrared light in the form of a single wavelength. These photons penetrate the skin as deep as an inch and a half, reaching injured and vulnerable cells. Inside the cells, photons stimulate the production of an important compound that, when released, promotes circulation.

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