Infrared Light Therapy Combats Chronic Pain

Combining Light Therapy with Other Treatments for Maximum Results

Healthcare professionals often find that when they provide infrared light therapy treatments using Anodyne® Therapy products and combine those treatments with other pain relief solutions, their patients get results.

Pain—specifically back pain—causes more missed work days around the world than any other complaint. Additionally, back pain is responsible for more disability claims than any other kind of pain. Over 31 million people in the United States experience back pain on the spectrum from manageable to debilitating. For some, the pain never goes away—it’s chronic.

Treating Pain with Infrared Light Therapy

Health care professionals including chiropractors understand what happens when the major back muscles get strained or experience tightness. These conditions cause blood flow to be inhibited. The overall impact is the kind of pain for which people seek relief.

Infrared light therapy employs light at specific frequencies delivered to targeted muscles through the skin. When light penetrates the skin and muscles, its healing properties go to work on cells and the result is better circulation. Better circulation is a powerful antidote to inflammation. As inflammation subsides, so does pain.

Healthcare professionals with Anodyne® Infrared Therapy units in their offices can give patients quick relief through in-office light therapy sessions. Furthermore, they can guide patients to purchase home units and thereby continue therapeutic light sessions at home.

Healthcare Professionals Must Practice Self-Care

Healthcare provider, do you experience back pain because you’re on your feet all day, often leaning over to tend to patients? It is ironic that in delivering pain relief solutions, healthcare professionals often develop their own pain.

Don’t let this get out of hand. Nip it in the bud! Practice caring for yourself so that you don’t end up with strained back muscles or even ruptured disks. No one want to undergo corrective surgery or be forced to take off work to rest and heal.

Proactively Practice Prevention

Chiropractors and medical providers, what do you tell your patients to do to manage back health and prevent pain? You probably tell them to stretch, exercise, and get infrared light therapy.

Take your own advice.

  • Exercise regularly to develop strong back muscles
  • Stretch throughout the day to loosen back muscles and keep them from tightening
  • Give yourself 20- to 30-minute infrared light therapy treatments with your in-office Anodyne® Therapy unit

Get Anodyne® Therapy Pro Office Units

Anodyne® Therapy units deliver infrared light that penetrates the skin as deep as an inch and a half. At those depths, it reaches muscles, joints, blood vessels, and even bones. Its healing properties cause helpful in-cell metabolic processes to take place. Blood flow increases and oxygen plus nutrients travel more effectively throughout the body. The ultimate result is less pain.

The Anodyne® Therapy 480 Pro is a professional-grade light therapy delivery product. With eight therapy pads each containing 60 infrared diodes, the pro model can treat one patient in multiple areas or two patients at the same time.