Chiropractors, Grow Your Business with Anodyne® Infrared Light Therapy

More and more chiropractors are embracing Anodyne® infrared LED (light-emitting diode) therapy as a vital part of their treatment regimens. If you are a chiropractor who already uses light therapy, you know why. If not, let us show you the many advantages.

Offering Infrared Therapy Expands Chiropractic Treatment Categories

By including light therapy in your treatment protocols, you can effectively broaden the conditions and complaints you treat. Anodyne® Infrared Therapy devices have been FDA cleared and proven to alleviate pain. Infrared light works at the cellular level to promote circulation and decrease inflammation, optimizing general chiropractic adjustments. Patients who receive infrared light treatments generally feel better sooner than those who don’t.

Including Anodyne® LED Therapy Allows You to Enter Specialty Markets

By offering infrared light therapy, you can attract patients with specific conditions that cause pain and inflammation. LED therapy is used by nearly all major sports teams. Adding Anodyne® infrared therapy to your sports injury treatment protocols will round out the services you offer.

Offer Infrared Therapy to Increase Revenues

Anodyne® infrared therapy can be offered as an add-on or stand-alone treatment. Either one is a billable service. Before adjustments, many chiropractors provide LED therapy. The infrared light goes through the skin and reaches into cells up to an inch and a half below the surface of the skin. At this level, cells receiving infrared light mobilize in ways that promote circulation and reduce inflammation. In this environment, pain and stiffness subside, which makes chiropractic adjustments more effective.

After sessions, soreness and stiffness can be mitigated with a treatment of infrared light. The treatment will not only alleviate these symptoms but will also keep them at bay for longer.

Patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions can visit the practice specifically for an LED therapy session—that is, a treatment unconnected to chiropractic care.

LED Therapy is Effortless to Incorporate and Administer

Administering Anodyne® infrared light therapy is simple. The equipment consists of a dosage controller unit with diode-embedded pads. Placing the pads on the patient, turning the controller on, adjusting the dosage, and allowing the diodes to deliver healing light is all it takes. Typical therapy sessions last around 20 minutes, and patients can be left by themselves while the pads deliver light to the body. The units are easy to learn how to use, making them accessible for you and your staff.

Infrared Therapy Requires Minimal Space

Patients receiving infrared therapy can sit in a chair or lie down on an adjustment surface. The controllers and pads can be stored compactly in tubs or carts and simply carried or rolled from patient to patient.

Machine and Pad Maintenance is Minimal

It takes little effort to keep the controllers and pads in good condition. Controller units can be sprayed with a disinfectant or wiped down with disinfectant disposable cloths. The pads are covered with disposable bags that get replaced with fresh covers for each patient.

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