5 Benefits of Anodyne® Infrared Light Therapy Treatments

About Anodyne® Therapy

Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are portable devices used by patients to reduce chronic inflammation and improve circulation. Pads on these devices are fitted with light emitting diodes (LEDs) that produce exclusively infrared light. This infrared light penetrates tissue to about an inch in depth and is absorbed into blood vessels. Anodyne® Therapy provides a non-invasive method to improve pain and promote healing.

Anodyne® Infrared Light Therapy Benefits

1.      Reduced Chronic Inflammation and Pain

Infrared light reaches past the level of the skin to penetrate the muscles, bones, and joints. It improves circulation by playing a role in the release of nitric oxide, a molecule which relaxes blood vessels to increase blood flow. Increased circulation acts to reduce inflammation in the body and therefore decrease pain.

2.      Improved Quality of Sleep

Infrared light therapy can contribute to better sleep. Studies have found that in response to infrared light treatment, melatonin – a natural hormone involved in controlling the sleep cycle – is produced by the body.

3.      Decreased Stress Levels

According to research, infrared light treatment can assist in regulating the body’s sympathetic nervous system, which is involved in activating a person’s “fight or flight” response. With regulation of this system, people can experience less anxiety and panic in the face of stress.

4.      Better Cardiovascular Health

The release of nitric oxide in response to infrared light benefits more than blood circulation. The activation and release of the compound contributes to blood pressure regulation, fights free radicals, and may help prevent platelet clumping.

5.      Supports Muscle Recover After Injury

Infrared light treatment encourages cell and tissue repair and regeneration, aiding in muscle healing after an injury takes place.

Anodyne® Therapy Professional and Personal Products

We have been providing pain relief for over 20 years with our uniquely designed products. Anodyne® Infrared Light Therapy Systems are available in versions for both professional healthcare and home use.

Model 480 PRO for Healthcare Professionals

This model is designed for in-office use by healthcare professionals. It includes one control unit and eight therapy pads, with 60 infrared diodes in each pad. This system can be used to treat one patient experiencing pain in multiple areas (such as the back and elbow), or two patients simultaneously. The Model 480 PRO is our premium infrared light therapy product.

Model 120 for Home Care

This model is made for symptomatic relief at home and is ideally used between professional treatments. The Model 120 includes a control unit and four therapy pads with 60 infrared diodes each. It is portable and straightforward to use, with telephone training available.

Freedom 300 for Foot and Leg Care

The Freedom 300 is designed specifically for foot and leg pain that improves with increased circulation or heat. Infrared diodes are recessed within foot and calf foam therapy pads to distribute Anodyne® Therapy with maximum comfort.

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