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Refer Your Patients For Treatment

Tens of thousands of physicians have referred their patients to one of our nearly 6,000 Anodyne® Therapy Providers across the country for non-invasive, safe and effective temporary pain relief.


These local facilities provide Anodyne® Infrared Light Therapy as part of their care plan for conditions that would benefit from increasing circulation and reducing pain, stiffness or muscle spasm.

In most cases, patients also may receive medically necessary physical therapy interventions such as gait and balance exercises, therapeutic exercises, and other sensory integrative techniques.

Testimonial - Dr. Lawrence Harkless DPM

Insurance Coverage

Infrared light therapy and laser products may be reimbursed differently depending on the type of healthcare provider your patients qualify to be referred to. Please reference the information below, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Home Care Agency Treatments
There is no extra charge for Anodyne® Therapy treatments if other skilled services are delivered during the visit as part of a skilled plan of care under Medicare. Private Insurance coverage may vary.

Inpatient Treatment in Hospitals or Short-Term Stay Nursing Homes
There is no extra charge for Anodyne® Therapy  treatments for Medicare patients during the 100-day stay in a hospital or nursing home as it is included as part of a total rehab care plan. Private insurance coverage may vary.

Outpatient Treatment or Residents in Nursing Homes
Medically necessary therapy services delivered as part of the care plan are covered by Medicare and Private Insurance unless benefit limits have been exceeded.
Medicare and most private insurance companies may not cover Anodyne® Therapy treatments for certain conditions.
Contact your local care provider to check on insurance coverage and charges. In most cases, the charge is no more than a small co-pay.

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Anodyne Therapy is infrared light therapy device, FDA Cleared to reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spasm and increase local circulation.

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