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Anodyne® Therapy Professional Systems are cleared by the FDA for temporarily
increasing circulation and reducing pain, stiffness and muscle spasm.

Any condition, whether acute or chronic, that would benefit from these indications may benefit from the effects of this infrared therapy device.

Clinical applications include treatment of: acute pain/ injuries, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain and or poor circulation caused by chemotherapy, diabetes, vascular diseases, etc.


Anodyne® Therapy may be used over or near:

Anodyne® Therapy may NOT be used over or near:

Any part of the body - including the spine
Active cancerous tumors
Metal implants, plates, pins and screws
The womb during pregnancy
Topical heating or cooling agents, or their residuals
Pain patches, or their residuals


Anodyne® Therapy has no known drug interactions or side-effects. However, please review these precautions:
Anodyne® Therapy is an infrared-thermal modality, and thus, there is a slight risk of a superficial burn.
When treating patients with circulatory compromise: Sometimes there is a slight increase in tingling or burning initially as blood flow increases. This typically resolves within the first 6-8 treatments.
When treating patients with diabetes: advise patients to monitor blood sugars more regularly - IF activitiy levels are also being increased.

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Anodyne Therapy is infrared light therapy device, FDA Cleared to reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spasm and increase local circulation.

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