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Increases in Circulation

Increased circulation
Circulation increases were measured by a Moor Scanning Laser Doppler after a 20 - 30 minute Anodyne® Therapy treatment.

Brighter areas in the images below indicate increased circulation.

Before Treatment After Treatment
heel2 heel1
Heel Up to 3200% increase

back2 back1
Lower Back Up to 1300% increase

elbow1 elbow2
Elbow Up to 1300% increase

knee2 knee1
Knee Up to 2000% increase


400% Increase MIRE 40% Increase
  MIRE Placebo
Foot on left treated with Anodyne (MIRE™) showed a 400% increase in circulation while foot on right treated with a placebo heat treatment showed only a 40% increase in circulation.

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Duration of Circulation Increase vs. Heating Pad

Pre Scan
Delayed Post Scan
Pre Scan Anodyne
4 hours after >> Anodyne® Therapy
Post Scan Anodyne
FLUX: 124
FLUX: 328
164% increase
Pre Scan
Delayed Post Scan
Pre Scan Heat
2 hours after >> Heating Pad
Post Scan Heat
FLUX: 158
FLUX: 87
45% decrease

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Anodyne Therapy is infrared light therapy device, FDA Cleared to reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spasm and increase local circulation.

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